• All the Mental Health Resources You Might Need During COVID-19

    How are you holding up during the COVID-19 outbreak? Common answers these days include:

    • I’m freaking out.
    • I’m barely keeping it together.
    • I’m losing it.

    So if you can relate to the stress, fear, and anxiety about the new coronavirus and the changes it’s made in our lives, you’re not the only one.

    Headspace - A NY State of Mind (Try for free!)

    New York has been hit hard by the current global crisis. In partnership with Governor Cuomo, Headspace wants to be here for you — to help you find some time and space as you weather this storm.

    From Buffalo to Long Island, Albany to the Lower East Side, this special NY collection of meditation, sleep, and movement exercises are here to support you through stressful and challenging times. Helping you — and your fellow New Yorkers — stay strong and be kind to yourselves, with a New York state of mind.

    My COVID-19 2020 Time Capsule

    Click here to download the time capsule worksheets for you and your family to complete together! You are living through history right now. Take a moment to fill in these pages for your future self to look back on. 

    Talking to Children about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) A Parent Resource

    Families across the country are adapting to the evolving changes in daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most schools, places of public gathering, and nonessential businesses are closed, and parents and other caregivers are faced with helping their families adjust to the new normal

    Coronavirus Student Guide: Virus Explainer and News Updates

    Watch the Brainpop video on the coronavirus and use the discussion questions to talk about the outbreak with your students. Then check the latest news on the virus via the PBS NewsHour.