• February 26, 2021

    Dear Bryant Elementary Families,

    Almost one year ago to the date, the Hornell City Schools moved to total remote learning and then reopened in September in our modified hybrid model.  We are thrilled to see COVID-19 numbers low, the majority of our employees vaccinated, and a relaxing of some of the Department of Health guidelines for schools based on what we have experienced this year.  

    It is with great excitement that we send this letter announcing that starting Monday, March 22, 2021, the Bryant Elementary School will be ending the current hybrid schedule model and opening in person, five days a week for all students!

    Diligent cleaning and sanitizing will continue as it is now, as well as wearing face coverings when physical distancing can’t occur (please be sure that your child has a mask with them each day).  

    Teachers are working feverishly to prepare their rooms for more students and even removing some furniture to gain more space.  We will still be offering our full remote option for families in second and second grade.  If you have any questions or want to discuss the model your child will be in from March 22nd on, please contact the Bryant Elementary Main office.

    Our arrival and dismissal times and procedures will remain the same as they currently are, just everyday for all students.  Students should arrive by 7:39 am and will be dismissed at 2:03 pm.  As with our opening in September, we encourage all families that can self transport their children to do so as it helps our transportation department. If you are returning your child from remote learning and will need to set up bus transportation, please contact transportation supervisor Steve Sleight at 324-2633 soon.

    It’s been a long year, and we have been waiting for this moment for twelve months!  We look forward to seeing all of our students together on March 22nd!



    Jeremy P. Palotti                                                                                     Lisa Sanford 

    Superintendent of Schools                                                                     Bryant Elementary Principal