How do I refer my child for school counseling services?

    To refer your child to counseling services, please contact the School Counselor working with your child’s grade level and discuss your concerns with them. Both yourself and your child’s teacher(s) will be asked to complete a counseling screening tool.   The Counselor will meet with your student to assess the need for both in school counseling services and outside mental health services. The counselor will then communicate back with the parent/guardian and the teacher. 

    Who do I reach out to for technology issues?

    For technology issues, please contact the Curriculum Suite at 607-324-1303 ext. 1525. 

    My child is struggling in school, how can he/she get extra support?

    If your child is struggling in class, it is recommended to reach out directly to your child’s teacher(s) to explore possible interventions and strategies. If there are still concerns after reaching out to your child’s teacher(s), please reach out to your child’s School Counselor or Assistant Principal to discuss further options.  Referral to our Student Support Team may be recommended.  

    What is the process to refer my child to SST (Student Support Team)?

    First contact your child’s teacher to explore possible interventions and strategies with them.  If you are still concerned, please contact your child’s Assistant Principal or School Counselor to discuss if a referral to SST is the next best option.  

    What is the process to get my child an IEP (individualized education plan) or 504 accommodation plan?

    Questions regarding special education services should be directed to Pupil Personnel Services at 607-324-1303 ext. 1109. 

    My child is refusing to come to school, what can I do? 

    Contact your child’s Assistant Principal or School Counselor.   They will work together with you to come up with a plan that best meets your child’s needs based on the reason they are refusing to come to school.