• Phone: 607.324.1302                         Fax: 607.324.4060


    Superintendent's Office

    District Clerk x1450: Carol Eaton

    Superintendent x1450: Jeremy Palotti

    Business Office

    Insurance x1457: Susan Martin

    (Health, Dental, Workers Comp, HR Recruitment, Facilities Use/Billing, Badge Access)

    Payroll/Secretary to the Business Official x1461: Colby Moore

    (Payroll, Employee Attendance, FMLA, HR Onboarding, Substitute Coordination, Secretary to the Business Official, Chief Information Officer)

    Accounts Payable x1454: Kim Bacon

    (Purchasing, Contracts, Accounts Payable, Asset Tracking

    Treasurer x1452: Sue Brown

    Business Official x1455: Patrick Flaitz